Creating, Shortening and Tracking Campaign URLs has Never Been This Easy!
A must have tool for all digital marketers, content marketers and online business owners.
Know the Effectiveness of Each Marketing Activity
Track each incoming link to your website and know exactly which marketing activity is successful and which is not.

 What can You do With LinkdMe?

  • Create UTM Campaign URLs
  • Maintain Consistency in Naming UTM Parameters
  • Shorten Those Long URLs using, or Your Own Short Domain
  • Keep Track of Them
  • Share Them in a Click
  • Auto Create QR Code of Campaign URLs
  • Create Campaign URLs in a Bulk

 Why Should You Use This Tool?

Ever wondered what’s that unaccounted “direct” traffic in Analytics? You deserve to know better. Tag your URLs with UTM parameters and know exactly who those visitors are.

Create a campaign URL –> Forget the naming convention –> Create a new campaign URL the next month for a very similar campaign with completely different campaign parameters. Does that sound familiar? Consistency is the key and LinkdMe just does that and more!

Are you not sure which marketing activity has generated the most revenue? Better not be. You should know precisely which promotion works and which don’t thereby increasing your spend on the ones that work and decreasing on the ones that don’t.

You tweeted your blog post 10 times. Don’t you want to know which tweet has brought in that huge paying customer? You definitely need to. Start tracking your links effectively.

Oh! That long forgotten link in that Facebook bio! How much is that worth?

How many visitors have your Email signature brought in? How many of those purchased your product or service? How many of those enquired about your product?

In short, if you add a link to your website from anywhere, the link should be UTM tagged link.

Features of LinkdMe

Maintain consistency in naming with the help of search and add function. So, there is no confusion whether you had used “fb” or “facebook” in that previous campaign.

Save utm parameters as presets so that you can use them just with a click. LinkdMe comes with a list of commonly used presets as well.

Create short links using, or your own custom short domain. You can use the fully tagged URL as well, in case you need it.
Easily customize your short URL.

Share these short links to Facebook, Twitter. Google + and Pinterest with the click of a button!

Auto generate QR codes for your link so that you can use them on your cards or campaign specific brochures and flyers.

Detailed analytics for your short links – No. of clicks, referrer data, country etc.