Create Manage and Shorten Campaign URLs

FREE Google Spreadsheet from Linkd.Me to create, manage, shorten and share Google Analytics campaign URLs

What can you do?

  • Create fully tagged campaign URLs
  • Shorten the URLs using and TinyURL
  • Keep track of all campaign and short URLs created
  • Share your short links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest with a single click!
  • Track number of clicks on your short links
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Whenever you promote your site or blog post anywhere in the internet, it is suggested to use utm tracked links.

You will exactly see which marketing activity has brought in the best ROI.

You will see less of “direct” traffic within Google Analytics and will get more meaningful data.

By using this campaign URL builder spreadsheet, you can maintain consistency in naming the UTM parameters and hence tracking and reporting from Google Analytics becomes easy.

Are you sharing the ugly, long, UTM tagged links? You don’t have to. Campaign URLs are automatically shortened using and Tiny URL in this spreadsheet.

You can share the shortened links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest right inside the spreadsheet with just a click.

You can collaborate with unlimited team members.